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Since 2006, College-WATCH has offered the "4-P System", a program that reviews planning, preparation, performance, and persistence. This comprehensive approach to the college admissions process helps students stand out in a competitive climate and gain notice from admissions counselors. Close attention is given to each stage of the process:

Student Development: Developing a strategy that builds and highlights a student's unique talents, interests, and academic record.

College Selection: Identifying institutions that lead to transformational experiences and meet academic goals.

Personalized Objectives & Timelines: Establishing an individual timeline to meet student objectives and precede application deadlines.

Application Development: Ensuring a student successfully navigates the application process with close collaboration with a College-WATCH advisor and editor.

Young Students

Why Start Now

Students and parents begin the college application process early for many reasons, as the admission process has become increasingly complex and competitive. Highly selective colleges admit students who have excellent high school careers and personalities that will flourish on their campus. The increasing responsibilities and decreasing number of high school counselors leaves less time for admissions counseling for students even though the chance of acceptance increases when a comprehensive strategic plan is developed, executed, and professionally monitored. Most students who earn acceptance to colleges have a support network to assist them throughout high school and during the admissions process. College-WATCH provides this life-changing network.

Proprietary workbooks, workshops, and individualized meetings comprise our 4-P System for high school and transfer students. Our advisors believe that a serious commitment to the college admissions process should begin in the freshman year of high school. This allows ample time to establish the necessary foundation to become a viable candidate for colleges and universities.

More About Our Founder

After our owner’s daughter gained admission to several top-tier universities, she knew that helping other students was a calling she could not resist. She visited more than 150 different colleges to get a better understanding of each school and created custom plans for the students she planned on advising.

While many consultants advise students on an hourly basis, she spends a minimum of an hour and a half with each student and customizes her services so each student is on track to achieving their goals and objectives. In addition to her academic knowledge, she has more than 30 years of experience in corporate recruiting, as well as sales and marketing. She is happy to use her business expertise to help students review their career options and create a plan for after college.

Acceptance at Top-Tier Institutions

Located near the California Bay and Houston Metropolitan area, the College-WATCH program has helped students gain admission to the following institutions:

University of California, Berkeley | University of California, Los Angeles | Stanford University | Columbia University | Brown University | University of Pennsylvania | Amherst College | Vassar College

Mission Statement

To promote student awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the college admissions process through a mutually planned comprehensive and systematic process designed to enhance student acceptance at the college or university of their choice.