Set Yourself Apart from Others

Academic performance is no longer the Holy Grail for top-tier universities. In addition to test scores and extracurricular activities, it important that your application represents you, your passions, and intellectual curiosities. With our college consulting services, College-WATCH sets you apart from other students by placing your ideas and interests in the spotlight. Admission officers are looking for students who will thrive in their community and help shape the institution’s mission and values. Let’s show them you're a worthy candidate.

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Create a Unique Profile

Your star qualities need to stand out so you can draw the right academic attention. Each one of your strengths and talents is an asset for the application process, including awards, recognitions, and any enrollment in special classes. Our counselors can show you how to use these interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities to your advantage when applying.

Find the Right Fit for You

A strong application exceeds a university’s admission requirements. College-WATCH counselors have toured many schools across the country so they can accurately assess which college is your "right fit". By understanding the dynamics of different campuses and programs, we can ensure that what you want from your college experience aligns with the schools you apply to.