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Every student possesses unique interests, talents, strengths, merits, and experiences—many of which determine his or her acceptance into the finest possible universities. At College-WATCH, we help you develop your personal and academic background to highlight your points of excellence. With our support, you’ll craft a compelling college admissions application to stand out from the crowd.

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It’s intimidating to prepare for the transition to college, whether you’re a college transfer or a high school freshman. That’s why we’re here to help you place your best foot forward. Count on us for the preparatory tools you need to compete successfully in the dynamic world of college and university admissions.

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Well-written essays and personal statements are a fantastic way to impress college admissions counselors and distinguish yourself from the competition. Rely on us to help you write an unforgettable essay proving you’re the ideal fit for your dream school. Our educational consultants help you make your mark and increase your chance of acceptance.

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As the number of qualified college applicants continues to increase, educational institutions have been raising their admissions standards. College application is no longer a one- or two-year process; now, it’s a four-year commitment to strategizing, dedicating time, allocating resources, and taking steps to prepare thoroughly.

As college admissions consultants, we serve clients nationwide, providing custom-designed services to help students increase their number of acceptance letters. Our professionals guide learners through every stage of the process until they are ready for their next big step: attending college.

Our owner founded College-WATCH to help her daughter gain acceptance to her colleges of choice—and it worked! Her daughter was accepted into several top-10 liberal arts schools, each of which offered a full-ride scholarship. After this resounding success, our owner recognized the great opportunity she had to help even more students across the country achieve their academic goals. Thus, College-WATCH was born.

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