Go Further with College Essay Coaching

Your college essay is a canvas for your unique voice, a platform to etch a lasting impression beyond the facts presented in application forms. While those forms state the essentials, they don't capture the essence of who you are, where you've come from, and where your aspirations lie. It's in the art of storytelling, unearthed through our journaling process, that we discover gems—pivotal moments and narratives that have shaped the person you've become.

These authentic stories aren't just details; they're the keys to making yourself unforgettable to admissions committees. Your journey, experiences, and aspirations coalesce into a narrative that sets you apart. That's why nailing your college admissions essay is paramount.

Recognizing that not everyone feels confident in their writing skills, especially for a piece that defines their life, College-WATCH steps in as your ally. Our college essay coaching services are designed to empower you, whether writing isn't your strong suit or you simply seek a second opinion. Count on us to provide the insight and guidance you need to craft a compelling, standout piece that resonates with admissions committees. Your story deserves to be told, and we're here to help you tell it brilliantly.

Why College-WATCH?

Plenty of online tutors offer essay writing services, but we’re different. Our experienced college essay coaches understand exactly what colleges are looking for: your voice, your story, and your points of excellence. Many of our consultants were once part of the teams that read those essays to determine acceptance into major universities. You can count on our college application consulting services for insider advice that gets you noticed.

We work with you throughout the essay development and writing process, from brainstorming personal themes and experiences and crafting them into a compelling story to polishing up the final piece. Our goal is to exemplify your authentic voice while also putting your best face forward. Plus, we work with you on multiple drafts until you achieve the most effective essay possible. Contact us today to learn more about our college essay coaching process and get the process started.