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Since 2006, College-WATCH has offered the "4-P System", a program that reviews planning, preparation, performance, and persistence. This comprehensive approach to the college admissions process helps students stand out in a competitive climate and gain notice from admissions counselors. Close attention is given to each stage of the process:

Student Development: Developing a strategy that builds and highlights a student's unique talents, interests, and academic record.

College Selection: Identifying institutions that lead to transformational experiences and meet academic goals.

Personalized Objectives & Timelines: Establishing an individual timeline to meet student objectives and precede application deadlines.

Application Development: Ensuring a student successfully navigates the application process with close collaboration with a College-WATCH advisor and editor.

Young Students

Why Start Now

Students and parents begin the college application process early for many reasons, as the admission process has become increasingly complex and competitive. Highly selective colleges admit students who have excellent high school careers and personalities that will flourish on their campus. The increasing responsibilities and decreasing number of high school counselors leaves less time for admissions counseling for students even though the chance of acceptance increases when a comprehensive strategic plan is developed, executed, and professionally monitored. Most students who earn acceptance to colleges have a support network to assist them throughout high school and during the admissions process. College-WATCH provides this life-changing network.

Proprietary workbooks, workshops, and individualized meetings comprise our 4-P System for high school and transfer students. Our advisors believe that a serious commitment to the college admissions process should begin in the freshman year of high school. This allows ample time to establish the necessary foundation to become a viable candidate for colleges and universities.

More About Our Founder

After our owner’s daughter gained admission to several top-tier universities, she knew that helping other students was a calling she could not resist. She visited more than 150 different colleges to get a better understanding of each school and created custom plans for the students she planned on advising.

While many consultants advise students on an hourly basis, she spends a minimum of an hour and a half with each student and customizes her services so each student is on track to achieving their goals and objectives. In addition to her academic knowledge, she has more than 30 years of experience in corporate recruiting, as well as sales and marketing. She is happy to use her business expertise to help students review their career options and create a plan for after college.

Introducing Our Advisory Board

Barry E. Breaux, MD
Pre-med Advisor
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Raymond Barglow, Ph.D
STEM Advisor
UC Berkeley (Ph.D)
CalTech B.S.
Ariana Lawrence, M.A., mPhil/Ph.D
Liberal Arts/International Advisor
Goldsmiths, London, UK (mPhil/ Ph.D)
Freie University, Berlin, Germany (M.A.)
Amherst College, MA (B.A.)

Acceptance at Top-Tier Institutions

Located near the California Bay and Houston Metropolitan area, the College-WATCH program has helped students gain admission to the following institutions:

University of California, Berkeley | University of California, Los Angeles | Stanford University | Columbia University | Brown University | University of Pennsylvania | Amherst College | Vassar College

Mission Statement

To promote student awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the college admissions process through a mutually planned comprehensive and systematic process designed to enhance student acceptance at the college or university of their choice.


For the single and married parents who want the ''Best AND Most'' for their child, Cynthia will get you top Results. She has a special gift of connecting well with her students and is very knowledgeable when it comes to preparing each child for acceptance into the college of their choice. Every student may not have the highest GPA or SAT/ACT score, but Cynthia knows how to be creative and think out-of-the box to help your child develop and implement ideas that will definitely strengthen his/her profile, increasing their likelihood of being accepted. If you want to help alleviate the worry and stress that comes with writing essays for college applications, choosing top colleges and universities most appropriate for your child's interests, while making sure you receive all possible scholarships available, connect with Cynthia. You'll be extremely pleased. I am!

My son's weighted GPA was 3.6 with average ACT and SAT scores when he submitted his college applications. Because of Cynthia's extensive knowledge of what colleges look will for when accepting students, she has guided my son in completing and submitting his college applications. So far, he's been accepted to 8 of 15 colleges and universities; as of yet, he has not been denied. He has been accepted to Sacramento State, San Francisco State, University of Nevada, La Sierra University, St. Mary's UOP, UC Riverside, and Cal Poly. My son chose schools based on the best fit for his profile.

Today, he was accepted to UC Davis, his number one choice. My son chose schools based on the best fit for his profile. We could not have completed these great accomplishments without her.

With Cynthia's help, he developed excellent personal essays and became involved in a variety of extracurricular and community service activities. I could not have accomplished this great task without her. Cynthia's college consulting service has been one of my best investments yet and I highly recommend that all parents reserve an appointment with her just to hear what she has to offer. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Cynthia can be contacted at 925-548-0002 or college-watch.com

- Rosalind

I highly recommend Cynthia Robey as a college admissions consultant. She has worked in college planning for over ten years with many credentials to her name (and has evaluated thousands of applications for UC Berkeley Freshman admissions) - her experience shows. We met Cynthia when my son was in 10th grade. She developed a close rapport with him and customized a plan so he maximized his high school experience and was ready to start the college process early. She was friendly and fun yet kept him on track with deadlines. She was tireless in her enthusiasm and generous with her time. She listened to his dream of becoming an engineer and helped him get into a very selective engineering camp junior year and made suggestions for colleges (since she has visited hundreds). When it came time to tackle the college applications, her help was critical. She showed him how to highlight his experiences (several of of which she had encouraged him to pursue) and to craft essays that were powerful and reflective. She is an outstanding mentor - she works not just on the essay but on developing the potential of each of her students. She’s incredibly insightful, caring and smart. As an engineering student the competition is fierce and she helped Jonathan create the strongest application possible. Jonathan has already been accepted into several universities with merit scholarships. Cynthia’s first consultation is free - what she will say is priceless. email: crobey60@gmail.com) tel (925) 548-0002

- Barbara

My daughter lost her original college admissions counselor about two weeks before her first applications were due last fall. Cynthia Robey (College-Watch)graciously and enthusiastically stepped in and agreed to take my daughter on and shepherd us through the entire remaining admissions process (including interviews and choosing schools which we are still doing now). I cannot say enough good things about Cynthia! She did a fantastic job! My daughter got into her number one school plus these others, including Wellesley, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UCLA, USC, Tulane, and with healthy scholarship money and/or financial aid. Cynthia knew what the schools wanted to see in the applications and she worked with my daughter to tailor her apps/essays to give her the best chance of being admitted to each school. Through regularly scheduled Skype sessions, she enthusiastically motivated my daughter to do her best work and enjoy doing it! Cynthia is super sharp, assertive, positive, easy to work with, and best of all, thoroughly steeped in all that it takes to create applications that have the highest potential to be accepted by the school your child is considering. She can be reached at 925-548-0002. We will never be able to thank her enough for picking us us off the ground and taking us through to a supremely successful application conclusion.

- Patricia B.

As grandparents of a very talented young lady, we engaged Cynthia Robley, with College-Watch, in our granddaughter's sophomore year of High School. Cynthia was given one main task: Get her into the best school possible at the lowest net cost no matter where the school is located. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Even due to a unique set of personal circumstances and some difficulties our granddaughter endured, Cynthia performed well above expectations. Cynthia is very knowledgeable about the college admission and aid process and if a student listens to her and follows her advice, success will be had. I could not recommend anyone for a position in any field more than Cynthia. She takes her job very serious and realizes that this college process is the beginning of future success or failure of the student. Cynthia individualizes the search for the right college as not all students are the same. I would give her a 10+ on a 1 to 10 scale.

- Lois W

I absolutely loved College-Watch. Cynthia helped me out during the most stressful point of my young life and made everything easy for me. She really understood me and did whatever she could to help me. Working with Cynthia, I now feel prepared for the next step of my education. Cynthia worked days and nights with me to help me become successful. I will recommend College-Watch to all of my friends. I am truly thankful for the support I received from College-Watch and Cynthia.

- Amrinder

Cynthia was a great mentor these past two years. After graduating high school and not completely aware of what I should do, Cynthia helped me map out a plan. She provided me with answers and opinions on questions I had regarding admissions, extracurriculars, and career choices, in addition to providing some emotional support in times of distress. She and I would check in often and update each other on the things I should be doing in preparation for applications, and writing my admissions essays. Cynthia kept me on top of the things I needed to focus on, and it's because of her that I will now be attending University of California, Davis, in the Fall. She has always believed that I had the potential to succeed, and made me feel optimistic about the future.

- Priyanka

My experience with Cynthia Robey was an amazing one. Throughout the end the entire summer and into the beginning of senior year, I had weekly meeting with Cynthia to help me with the whole college applications process, from where to apply, to essays, to resumes, to financial aid. Not only is she an great person on the personal level, someone you can connect to during this stressful time, but she also keeps you on task throughout the whole process with deadlines, homework, and agendas. Her calendar is also extremely flexible, whether meetings are in person, through skype, or phone calls, you can always get your work done. Not only did she help me get into great schools, but she also has taught me to become a better writer in every way possible. In the end, it yielded great results because I got into 14 out of the 16 schools I applied to including UC Berkeley, Cornell, and Duke. I highly recommend Cynthia Robey and the College Watch program.

- Michael

Brilliant might sound like hyperbole but our consultant, Cynthia Robey, is just that. My daughter was enthusiastic and motivated to work diligently on her college applications and essays by Cynthia's positive attitude, serious depth of knowledge about what each school was looking for, and ability to clearly identify where changes needed to be made when they were needed, and how to emphasize and highlight my daughter's accomplishments for each application. Regularly scheduled Skype sessions and phone conversations kept all work on track and more than ready when due dates arrived. The result? My daughter got into 7 of the 9 schools she applied to, including Wellesley, UC Berkeley, USC and Johns Hopkins among others. We were thrilled! I highly recommend Cynthia and College-WATCH.

- Patricia G.