College Prep Program

Plan for College Early

High school students interested in applying to college rarely know where to start. That's where College-WATCH in Walnut Creek, CA, comes in. Our college prep program prepares you for every stage of the college application process, from identifying your key strengths to paying for your education. Our comprehensive student development approach thoroughly prepares you so you know what to expect when it comes time to apply.

College Application Process

Prepare for the College Experience

College is a major milestone in a student’s education and being ready begins with good grades. However, we know that report cards are not the only determining factor in your academic success and offer guidance in the following areas:

Student Discovery: Receive guidance through self-discovery and pinpoint your personal attributes. These foundational goals help create a strategic plan that places you in a good positions for college admissions.

Essay/Personal Statement: Articulate your story and discover your voice. We teach you how to showcase your unique perspective while capturing and keeping the admissions counselors' attention.

College Research & Selection: Identify, evaluate, and define a list of prospective colleges based on individual talents, personal goals, distinctive interests, and a family financial profile. Our consultants' experience in executive recruitment encourages you to consider goals beyond college, including graduate school, careers, and more.

Application Strategy, Development, & Completion: Effectively showcase your talents and abilities that align with the unique attributes of a particular college.

Funding College: Engage in a private financial aid overview with you and your family to assess key steps, timelines, and comparison of awards and scholarships.

College Prep Program

On-Going Support

  • Student & Academic development/exploration to include academic, extracurricular, summer engagement and college exam planning
  • College Discovery and exploration culminating in a prospective college list
  • Application Development - diligent attention given to essay development/refinement, application strategic planning, review & submitting well before deadlines
  • Evaluating and finalizing college decisions once offers are received